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Winning Against the Toothless Tiger

It’s true that Satan is the most powerful force on Earth besides God. If you aren’t comfortable with that name, you can just can him Evil. When you surrender your heart and life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and ask Him to be your Lord and Savior, the Lion mentioned in the picture here loses his teeth! He cannot hurt you anymore–unless you let him by buying into his lies and lowering your standard of thought and life. He can only try to tear you to bits using his gums because Jesus’ work on the cross took the teeth–his power!

Satan is trying to gum me to death this week, so I am staying encouraged in my Lord–something great must be coming for Satan to be trying so hard to hurt me! It’s only Tuesday and so far….
1. I have a cold.
2. Someone duplicated my bank card and has been buying shoes.
3. The Jeep needs a new water pump. Or a radiator. Whichever—it won’t run until it gets a new one, anyway.

Seriously, Satan? You should know that I have read the Book–the Bible–and I happen to know that you have nothing on my loving Savior, my Abba who cares for me so perfectly! I also happen to know that you have already lost, so get lost. You do not belong in my life and you have no power here. Because of the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross, you have no power over me!

Notice a lot of aggravating or discouraging things your life lately? Just can’t seem to have peace with your spouse? Car needs repair? Job being more annoying than usual? Is your health compromised? How interesting that all these distracting, discouraging things are happening all at once!

It is no coincidence. Satan is after you, you can believe that. But you can counteract his foolishness by declaring–yes, out loud–the Bible’s truth and your claim to that truth. Here are a few helpful ones I just used a few minutes ago in my own little “discussion” with the Devil….


Contributed by: Jennifer Cadlaon

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The Devil is indeed a mighty lion--until Jesus grafts you into God's Family Tree!
The Devil is indeed a mighty lion–until Jesus grafts you into God’s Family Tree!
If you are a Conqueror, then why accept a defeated life?
If you are a Conqueror, then why accept a defeated life?

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